3 Amazing Wellness Practices – Yoga Inspired Life Coaching (expert advice 2024)

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Life Coaching and Yoga are both deeply beneficial individually….but have you ever considered how powerful combining them may be? Yoga has long history of supporting our wellbeing, improving flexibility, reducing stress and improving sleep – these benefits are essential to kids as well as adults.  So why is it only now (in the western world) […]

SHIFT YOUR ENERGY STATE! Expert Mindset Coach Top Tools (2024)

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Expert Mindset Coach – Simple Tips to Energise Yourself! Simple Steps to Shift Your Energy State! Every moment of every day – you exist Mind, Body, Soul/Energy.  As a mindset coach, I love to integrate these three elements – to support clients to make deep, lasting transformational changes in their lives. Your mindset can be influenced […]

6 Simple Steps to Create Self-Care (2023)

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Too busy for self-care? Self-care is essential to our wellness, and yet I have neglected to carve out time for my Yoga, Yin, Barre and Pilates practice.  As a wellbeing studio owner, I thought I would share my struggle to create time for me and how 6 simple steps make self-care possible in my busy world. I sometimes feel guilty […]

5 Sensational Reasons to Yoga Retreat in QLD (2023 insider approved)


Yoga and Wellness Retreats are becoming more and more popular….but how do you know which one is for you? Discover everything you to know when planning your next wellness retreat, plus gain our insider’s guide to the 5 top reasons to book your next Yoga and Wellness Retreat in QLD (Queensland, Australia). We believe it is important to […]