SHIFT YOUR ENERGY STATE! Expert Mindset Coach Top Tools (2024)

SHIFT YOUR ENERGY STATE! Expert Mindset Coach Top Tools (2024)

Expert Mindset Coach – Simple Tips to Energise Yourself!

Simple Steps to Shift Your Energy State!

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Every moment of every day – you exist Mind, Body, Soul/Energy.  As a mindset coach, I love to integrate these three elements – to support clients to make deep, lasting transformational changes in their lives.

Your mindset can be influenced by your surroundings, both in an expansive or limiting capacity.  By bringing awareness to our energy state – we can begin to shift our mindset. 

Learning to harness our energy state together with mindset coaching – allows us to create deep change in our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic wellness.

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Harnessing Your Energetic State!

Where your ‘focus goes, energy flows’ – Tony Robbins is famous for sharing how many of us live a life of fear, rather than actively living our lives. 

When our mind is focusses on anything, our energy naturally follows the same course. 

We must learn to shift, hone, and harness our own energy – by shifting our mindset. Seeking out an expert life coach, who specialises in mindset coaching is key to support deep transformation!

5 Steps - Changing Your Energy State

The Energy State Challenge

So, you are ready to begin shifting your energy state….but not sure of the first step.
Many of us spend our days doing, going, tasking.  It is easy to finish the day feeling exhausted; body, mind, and energetically – without any awareness of how our energy was used, wasted, taken, or simply lost along the way. 
One of my favourite energy flow state check-ins as a mindset coach, is below.  Coaching clients often view this as simplistic at the beginning, not quite sure how it will make a huge change in their lives. 
It is only once we begin the practice of mindful energy states – that we begin to better understand not just how our energy is, but why it is that way.
This awareness is step 1 to reclaiming your energy state and harness your energy – to motivate, sustain, and propel you to achieve your life goals.


5 Simple Steps to Help Identify Your Energy Flow State:

  1. Notice where your energy is flowing – where is your FOCUS!
  2. Acknowledge any energy leaks – see what you are DOING!
  3. Identify if anyone is draining your energy – who SURROUNDS you?
  4. Be curious about how you can energise yourself – Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Being In Nature!
  5. Look for ways to give back – practice GRATITUDE, be compassionate, donate time or resources!
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Big Shifts - Energise Your Mindset!

Ready to change your energy – the focus of your thoughts? 
The 3 Step process below is a great place to begin; identifying times where you felt at ease and helping you to re-create these elements in the future.
As a mindset coach with over 14 years of experience, I have used this simple tool with many clients.  It is easy, quick, and most of all you can implement change immediately!

3 Steps For BIG Energy Shifts!

The 3 Step Process:
  1. Thinking back over the last 3 months – when did you feel most energised and motivated?
  2. Now choose one time that is most impactful; who was with you? Where were you? What were you doing?
  3. Thinking about these 3 elements; who, where, and what – is there something small you can do to recreate at least one of these elements each day or week?

Mindset coaching is all about understanding your current state of mind.  A great life coach will help you to acknowledge that not all thoughts are your own, they are not all helpful, and they are not all in your best interest.

Once we become aware of the thoughts in our mind, we can with the support of a qualified mindset coach, clarify which thoughts serve us and which ones may be limiting or sabotaging our growth. 

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Feeling Stuck? Your Simple Mindset Coaching Tool

Re-Reacting a Positive Energetic State:

I’m drawn to a day at the beach I recently had with my family.  We met up with one of my childhood friend’s, her husband and two children.  We sat on the beach and helped our children sunscreen, play, eat snacks, and swim – while we chatted.  

Then had to pack up suddenly as the tide came in and threatened to swallow up our belongings.  We wondered up to an ice-cream shop and sat watching people passing, the waves rolling in, and finding time to chat about life and so forth.  It was simple, relaxed, hectic, fun, and just so easy.

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My Energisers:

WHO – those I love and find spending time with easy

WHERE – near the beach/water

WHAT – relaxed, chatting, less

While I would love to catch up with my friend every week, the distance between us and our lives just don’t allow this.  So, I have been contemplating how to capture the ‘feeling’ the energy of this day – so I can recreate it again. 

In simple terms, it was seeing the ocean – water is very calming for me; it was doing less; and being around those who I love.  So, this weekend I am taking myself and my family to the beach – just to ‘be’….I might even take a photo or two and send them to my friend – so my connection with her remains strong.

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Mindset Coaching - Shifting Your Energy State!

How can you capture the energy of your recent motivational moment? Which elements can you recreate – to manifest a shift in energy within yourself?


I would love to hear your ideas about raising your energy levels, shifting energy, and manifesting the life of your dreams through Mindset Shifts!


Mindset coaching is focused on supporting you to clarify your goals – when we can see them clearly, the first step becomes clear and our energy flows into taking this first step!

Meet Charmaine - Your Mindset Coaching Expert!

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Charmaine is a qualified life coach, with over 14 years experience.  Her clients are highly motivated people, who feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed.

If you are seeking to enhance your life – but have no idea how to do so.  If you are feeling undervalued or in a slump and are ready to make the changes needed to live your best life – mindset coaching could be perfect for you.

Ready to feel motivated and supported? Ready to clarify and achieve your goals? Got big decisions to make and not sure the best next step?  Reach out for your Free Clarity Call today. 

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